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Scent’sationally Yours Colonge Spray (Apple & Green Tea) for Dogs, 100 ml
cent’sationally Yours Cologne Spray will make your pets smell as great as they look. Infused with Apple and Green Tea Extracts, it is nourishing and instantly helps control odour. Better yet, it is really gentle and alcohol-free to prevent skin irritation. Simply spray it on and your dog is ready to be super social!
Pawtisserie Box Dessert Inspired Flavoured Combo Scent 50ml Pack of 3
This box is a luxurious nod and a flamboyant tail wag to the wonderful aromas of classic French desserts. These fine pet fragrances are offered in three delicate flavour infusions using ingredients with a snob value of their own. They’re perfect for any time of day and will have your pets smelling so good, you’ll want to lick them instead.
Blueberry Clafouti Flavoured Scent/Perfume/Deodorant/Cologne for Dogs & Cats
Lovingly prepared with the flavour of fresh baked blueberries, this delicious scent is delicately infused with aloe vera extract and Vitamin E to keep the coat healthy while smelling simply irresistible.
Choconut Gateau Flavoured Scent/Perfume/Deodorant/Cologne for Dogs & Cats
This chocolate and hazelnut fragrance will have your pet smelling as rich and fancy as a French gateau. Delicately infused with aloe vera extract and Vitamin E, it’s finally a dessert you’ll willingly treat your pet to.
Butterscotch Eclair Flavoured Scent/Perfume/Deodorant/Cologne for Dogs & Cats
Inspired by delicious flaky eclairs filled with butterscotch pastry cream, this fragrance will earn your dog a spot in the window of a French patisserie. It’s also got aloe vera extract and Vitamin E for added oh là là.
Bling on The Shine Waterless Shampoo Spray for Dogs, 250 ml
Captain Zack Bling on the Shine offers a stress and mess-free way to keep your dog clean and smelling fresh, in between baths.
Captain Zack Scent’sationally Yours Colonge Spray (Jasmine) for Dogs, 100 ml
Scent’sationally Yours Natural Dog Cologne Captain zack scent’sationally yours cologne spray, infused with the luxuriant floral scent of jasmine essential oil, helps control pet odour and keeps your dog smelling delightfully fresh.