Carrots Feast Real Chicken Jerky Human Grade Treats for Dogs, 70g

These Chicken Treats are natural lean meat that are low on calories, high on protein & essential for building lean muscle mass. They contain naturally occurring Omega 6 fatty acids which help in achieving healthy skin.

Carrots are like a super food for any pooch, rich in betacarotene, also helps improve the pet’s natural defence system.

It’s absolutely natural, human grade and a rather precious treat. These treats are free from any toxic or unhealthy processes.

FEEDING GUIDE: These treats can be offered straight from pouch to pooch. While the leftover crumbs can be sprinkled over regular meals as healthy seasoning. This is a complementary treat and should always be fed under supervision with a bowl of fresh water at hand. Small dogs(2-4pcs) Medium (5-7pcs) Large (8-9pcs) Puppy ( 1-2 pcs after 4 months of age)

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